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Opening Moves

Good opening moves in Knockabout should accomplish one (or both) of two things: 1) Try to claim the center of the board and 2) Try to get your large dice in a dangerous positions and numbers. The following moves are some popular opening moves that we know of.

"The Backlash"

Move the middle six-sided die (D6) back two. It is now in position to knock both D8s into potentially threatening numbers. This will possibly get you quick offense, since each eight-sided die (D8) would have a 5/8 chance of being an immediate threat. Perhaps vulnerable to a counterattack, such as The Rocket Launcher and The Ram.

"The Sidewinder"

Move a D8 diagonally forward towards the middle to knock a D6. If the D6 lands on a 4 or above, you get an immediate scoring threat. A 6 will get you a double threat. The D8 will now be in a position to get knocked as well.

"The Set-Up"

Move a middle D4 back one. If your opponent's move makes you want to stay conservative, you can use the D4 to knock two D6's into higher numbers. If you want to be aggressive, you can use the outer D6 to knock your D4 into the middle column and another D4 into the front lines.

"The Ram"

Move one of the D8's forward, knocking into a D4. Carve out positional space in the middle. On the second move, you can have your D4 knock the D8, possibly creating a dangerous number, or angle the D8 to the middle. There is some danger of giving your opponent a chance for an early advantage.

"The Rocket Launcher"

Move one of the wing D6's toward the middle diagonally upward It is now ready to be knocked straight upward in the middle of the enemy ranks, a threat that must be addressed.

"The Tivol"

Move one of the wing D4's back in position to be launched forward, with a fifty percent chance of threatening two pieces. If you need to play conservatively, you can use the D4 to knock a D6 or D4 instead. This also creates a more compact shape.

"The Broadway"

Move the middle D6 up two. Your opponent might ignore your D6, since a shoving match between his central D6 and yours could be risky for the instigator. While your D6 has a low 2, it can still cause trouble.

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