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Some Strategies for the Triangle Game

If you have any ideas on how to play the game, let us know. It is not understood by us by a long shot! Here are the most basic things we have come up with so far.

Save the white stones

Later on in the game, being able to plop down a white stone can be quite useful, as it allows you to build yourself a triangle with minimal effort, and without even using your slide. Playing them early just wastes power.

Play your second opponent as an opening move

If you play your first opponent, your first opponent gets to move her stone before everyone else does. Playing your second opponent means your first opponent misses that chance.

Pick up your own stones

A very powerfull strategy is to pick your own stones up and then place them in your home territory later. This not only allows you to get stones out of tight backwater situations, but it allows you to always have the ability to give yourself a point at the beginning of your turn.

A little puzzle

This will test your understanding of the rules. Go for it! Dark Blue to play and win. (Yes, this board is missing other pieces, but they do not enter into it. It is a simplified puzzle. More will come. Promise.)

Note: Dark Blue has one dark blue stone, two green stones, and a white stone in her pool.

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