10 Minute Plays by Greg Lam
These plays have been seen in two local showcases: The Theatre Cooperative's Ritalin Readings and The Boston Theatre Marathon, as well as other venues across the country. The plays are unique and challenging, funny and energetic. They play with narrative and form, but are also fun to act in.
The Pitch
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The Pitch was written in the fall of 2001. It depicts two screenwriters feverishly pitching their comic book action version of the aftermath of September 11th. The play is bold and challenging -- it pulls no punches. It may be even more relevant and timely now than when it was first written. It's also a comedy, believe it or not.
Happy Daughter

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Happy Daughter is a narrative of an Asian American girl named Carol stuck in Iowa who is visited by her divorced mother. The mother brings along her younger Caucasian boyfriend. This odd combination plays havoc with Carol's sense of the world as she relates the story of the visit to the audience.
Next October

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Next October is a comedy about the passion of watching sports. A guy, his girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend intently watch the Red Sox in the seventh game of the World Series. They come to believe that their actions are directly affecting the game that they're watching.

Things Have Changed
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Things Have Changed is a dizzying narrative spectacle of a play which traces the relationship of two women over the course of a week. Three narrators with wildly differing viewpoints vie with one another on how to tell their strange love story. The play touches on Reality TV, the Big Dig, the conversion of units to the metric system, gay marriage, and most importantly, 10 years of these characters' lives.








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