Reviews for The Pitch
2002 Boston Theatre Marathon
Performed by Company One

"Not unexpectedly, four of the fifteen plays viewed during the evening sessions dealt with the events of Sept. 11. Greg Lam's 'The Pitch' had the nerve to approach the tragedy comedically and surprisingly pulled it off. Company One's Shawn LaCount and Mason Sand portrayed young moviemakers hilariously pitching a 'patriotic action flick' that serves revenge up in an alternate universe, comic book style."

-Boston Globe 4/16/02

"Even the events surrounding Sept. 11 were viewed through a darkly comic prism in "the Pitch," Greg Lam's look at a pair of Hollywood screenwriters who twist those events to their own ends."

-Boston Herald, 4/17/02

"Shawn LaCount and Mason Sand played two Hollywood screenwriters making a PITCH in Greg Lam's send-up of the movie biz (directed by Mark Vanderzee for Company One). Their intention was to cut against the prevailing wisdom to make an action-adventure epic (but with sensitivity and heart) about 9/11, except with super-heroes who would deflect that second plane, rescue everyone in the World Trade Towers, and fight back against the Real Taliban puppet-masters --- aliens from outer space! Quickly passing the ball back and forth, this dynamic duo floored everyone with this cutting-edge satire."

-Larry Stark, Theater Mirror