Biblography of Creative Work

Plays Written

Reed College
1994 The Extremely Abridged Hum 110 (A show created by me and one that has been revised and revived every year since)
1995 Created The Shoestring Theatre, which organized plays and other creative projects.
1996 The Glow Opera: Shel Silverstein

Brother Blue's
Road Rage

First Night Providence
2001 The Glow Opera: Three Fairytales

Theatre Cooperative in Somerville, MA
2001 The Pitch (Ritalin Readings)
2002 Happy Daughter (Ritalin Readings)
2004 Next October (Double Plays), Happy Daugther (Diversity Festival)

Boston Theatre Marathon
2002 The Pitch
2003 Happy Daughter
2004 Next October

Board Games Published

2001 Knockabout, Warp 6 (with Luke Weisman and Brian Tivol), 'Rasslefest, Rock, Paper, Scissors

2004 Marvin Marvel's Marvelous Marble Machine and Truffle Shuffle.

Warp 6 was named runner up for Abstract Game of the Year by Games Magazine's GAMES 100 list for 2002. Knockabout made the GAMES 100 list as well.

Knockabout and Rock, Paper, Scissors are currently being made into online playable games by


1999 Created The Storytelling Project in Springfield, MA and Great Barrington, MA.

1998-2002 Performed at Brother Blue's in Cambridge, MA, Flywheel in Easthampton, MA, and other venues across New England.

Wrote and performed over 20 original and adapted short stories.



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