I started Pair-of-Dice Games in the fall of 2001 with a couple of friends. We sell our games on our web site, www.pair-of-dice.com. We placed two games, Knockabout and Warp 6, into the GAMES100 issue of GAMES Magazine for 2003, featuring the top 100 games of the year. Both games were near the top of the Abstract Strategy category, with Warp 6 the runner up for abstract game of the year and Knockabout in third place in the same category. In 2006, we placed another game in the GAMES 100: Marvin Marvel's Marvelous Marble Machine.

Warp 6

"Each player has six dice in his color: three four-sided, two six-sided, and one eight-sided. Dice begin on the first 18 spaces of the 127-space spiral path. Players in turn roll a die and place the number faceup on the farthest unoccupied space from the Exit. On a turn you may either: (a) increase or reduce (by one) the value of a single friendly die; or (b) move a friendly die forward the number of spaces of its current value. A die that lands on an occupied space is transferred to the adjacent space of the next inner ring; it must continue on this inward path until it finally reaches an unoccupied space, at which point it is rerolled. Shortcuts created by making multiple transfers can be tremendously satisfying. You win when your fourth die reaches the central space. The key to victory is knowing how to make the best use of both enemy and friendly dice. With its simple and innovative rules, this captivating challenge is guaranteed to reward the patient, calculating strategist." -- GAMES Magazine



"Happy dice are here again! Each player begins with nine dice on a board that contains 91 hexagonal spaces. Four four-sided dice start with the number one faceup, three six-sided with the two faceup, and two eight-sided with the three faceup. Move one die per turn in a straight line exactly the number of its faceup value. A die that collides with another must stop, thereby transferring its remaining momentum to the die that it hits. The second die behaves similarly, and so on until the last die hit it rerolled. You win by pushing five enemies into the gutter around the board's perimeter. Dice banished to the gutter never leave, but they may move within it to a spot where they protect friends from being pushed off the board. You'll discover numerous opportunities to surprise and snare your opponent, and you'll relish the tempting risks involved in forcing a reroll of the fiesty dice!" -- GAMES Magazine



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