Here are the oddball projects that don't fit into any other categories.

Road Rage

This is a scenario for a modern day silent comedy, but I've also performed it orally as a storytelling story with customized musical accompaniment.

The Glow Opera

A giant puppet play in the dark. The actors remain hidden from site. The characters and props are all articulated by using flourescent glow sticks whose movements are coordinated to the soundtrack. Performed at First Night Providence, 2001.

The Big Crossover

A longform genre novel I'm working on examing the lives of superheroes that have crossed over to our world and who can't make it back home.

24 Hour Play Challenge

This is an idea I've heard of happening in other cities that I'd like to bring to Boston. Get groups of people together, give them 24 hours to write, direct, and produce a play, given a set of things that must be included in the play. Give me a space, and I can make this happen.

Comic Book Writing

I love the genre of comic book writing, and would be thrilled to find a partner with whom I could explore the form.



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