Excerpts from Full-Length Plays


Chaplin & Keaton on the Set of Limelight

In 1951, silent film comedy legends Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton appeared together for the only time in their long and illustrious careers. Shortly afterward, Chaplin was banished from America due to his supposed Communist views, and Keaton went on to his career in a strange place between stardom and obscurity. This full length play imagines what went on during the filming. A mix of slapstick, history, comedy, and a clash of two of the greatest intellects and egos in film history.


Attack of the Dead White Males

At my alma mater, Reed College, I began a tradition of putting on a play which was a satire of the core course we took during our freshman year: Hum 110. Covering Western Humanities from The Iliad to Dante's Inferno, it was of course a treasure trove of comedic inspiration. Follow a hapless student who has neglected to study all year, as The Iliad's Homer drags her kicking and screaming through centuries of dead, white male culture, whether she likes it or not.



Copyright 2004 Greg Lam