Excerpts from Full-Length Screenplays

Buster Keaton's American Life

Buster Keaton's American Life shows the life of silent comedy's most original genius as if it might have been conceived by Keaton himself. The first part of the film is silent, showing his rise from Vaudeville to film stardom. As the "talkie" era intrudes, the film introduces dialogue into the movie as Keaton's career spirals downward, then recovers into a stable but unremarkable career of writing gags for other comedians. A genre busting screenplay.

Johnny Bear

Adapted from a John Steinbeck short story, this is the story of a frontier town whose secrets are laid bare by the local oddity, an idiot savant who lives in the woods and uses his ability to perfectly mimic overheard voices to get patrons to buy him whiskey at the local saloon. This full length screenplay explores the parts of people's lives that the would rather keep hidden.


Practice Makes

An odd love story about a pair of college students who decide to lose their virginity to each other as practice for the real relationships they will soon be embarking on.



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