The Packaged Game

When for sale in stores, the game is shrinkwrapped with a blurb about it on the back. It's draw-string tail hangs out of the wrapping allowing the game to be easily hung on racks in stores for its display.

Closeup of Game

A closeup of the wrapped game laying on another already opened one. Note loose draw-string coming out of shrink-wrap. Also note the nicely finished edging on the board. The production values of the game are high, as the game is targeted to the high-quality display game market rather than the cheap and disposable game market.

Game in Hand

The game, as you can see, fits easily in ones hand and is lightweight, durable, and portable.

Starting to open the game

The pouch the game is in is built into the board. To open you loosen the draw-string and fold the board out. Here is a picture of the board still folded into itself. The pieces are wrapped securely inside and can not fall out and get lost.

You have just opened the game!

The game is made of cloth, with frosted deeply colored glass beads for pieces. The instructions are in color and printed on a resiliant card stock. Wen the game unfolds, the pieces are left in a sunken pocket formed by the pouch attached to the back.

Game in Play

The game is designed to be intriguing to look at. It is different and colorful.

Note how the stones are played on the vertices of triangles. In this situation, dark blue has minus one points since one piece is home and two are in enemy territory. Green has one point since she has only one piece on the board, and that piece is happily well inside green territory. The pieces not yet played do not count for points.