Make your restaurant the top restaurant in the neighborhood by the time the area becomes the next foodie destination and win! To do that you have to hire good staff, make smart ingredients, get the best food, and keep costs down. But all of the other restaurants want the same thing. Do you have what it takes to rule Restaurant Row?

Number of Players: 2-4
Length of Game: 60-90 minutes
For Ages: 12 and up

Price: $34.95



“Really neat ideas, and it’s a lot of fun... This game gets two thumbs up from me. This Critic here says that this restaurant is good to eat at... I highly recommend you try it out.”

—Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

“I give it high marks. The blind bid mechanism works well as a method of resolving conflicts, and it fits perfectly with the theme. It feels, well, meaty. A hearty exercise for your brain that doesn’t leave you overfull from the experience”

“In recent memory, I can’t think of many games that try to tackle a subject as large, or as varied and off the beaten path, and yet manage to very successfully simulate it within the confines of a one hour time span. I think it gets high marks in this category, of all of the categories this is where it really shines the most.”

“It’s well worth your time to add to your game tasting menu… You don’t have to a goofy food geek like me to realize that this game is good eats.”

—Stephen Conway, The Spiel

My first attempt at a Euro-Style game. In this game I went all out in trying to translate the theme (a weirdly underutilized theme in boardgaming, by the way), into gameplay. The things you’re concerned about in running a real-life restaurant are the things you’ll be concerned about here: Quality, cost, price, local competition, and the caprices of public opinion. All in a neat little package. Bon Appetit!
— -Greg Lam

Once you've bought the game, download the Free Print and Play 5-6 Player Expansion and play with more.

See the game mechanics illustrated in the Restaurant Row sample game.

Once you've played, try the advanced Neighborhood Variant.